October 2011 - HodgesNet

Something profound for my 10,000th tweet

Yesterday on Twitter I hit a milestone – it was the day that I hit my 10,000th tweet. Many will say that this is irrelevant and playing the numbers game is futile when it comes to Twitter, I tend to agree. Twitter is about engagement and building relationships by helping others, sharing content of value and showing people you are a credible expert in your industry (I’ll get off my soapboax now) …however 10,000 tweets is something I thought I needed to celebrate or commemorate with something profound. I could have just tweeted my view on what Twitter is I guess… …but here was my 10,000th tweet: “Building a relationship with a prospect/lead will bring you more than just a sale. It will give you long lasting profits for years to come” As a loyalty marketing consultant and retention marketing specialist, I truly believe in looking beyond the sales process and moving more towards a process of building long lasting relationships with followers, subscribers, leads and customers. When you live in a sales mode, all you tend to be focussed on is where the next person is going to come from to buy your product or service – this is normally thought to be a new customer and someone that has never bought from you. Having a good lead generation or acquisition marketing plan in place is crucial to the survival of any business and you need to ensure that you have a way of working out this plan. Having all you focus on this though is not a great idea. A few years ago when recession hit the...

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