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Blogging is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website but sometimes the inspiration runs dry – and an outdated blog is almost worse than not having a blog at all. Variety is definitely the spice of life when it comes to blogging – here are some great ideas to get you blogging creatively.

Case studies

Have you completed an interesting project recently? Case studies can make really interesting blog posts – not only do they demonstrate your knowledge but they involve issues that potential customers can relate to. So long as your client is happy for you to mention them, write about the problem your client had and the steps you took to solve it. Include a link to your client’s website, and then you both get to benefit from increased traffic, as your readers are bound to want to find out more about the businesses you work with.

Q&A time

Start making a note of the questions that customers ask you about your products and services. Every one of those questions can form the basis of a blog post – and if one customer asked it, the answer is bound to be relevant to other people. Alternatively, ask around at networking meetings and find out what misconceptions people have about your industry –and then address them via your blog.

Photo Stories

Photo stories are really easy to create, and are especially useful if you run a hands-on type of business. Simply take half a dozen photos during your working day and post them on the blog. You don’t even have to add captions, because people will read their own story from the pictures. For example, you could take photos of a building project in progress; baking and decorating a wedding cake; beauty therapy session; plumbing in a washing machine; or changing the wheel on a car. I’m sure there are lots of photos you could take to show off your business!

Write a series of posts around one topic

Demonstrate your expertise in a series of posts that will keep your readers coming back for more. Think of a topic, brainstorm the issues around it and then post once a week on that topic. Here are some examples to get you thinking:

  • A step by step guide to dog grooming
  • How to build a website in 4 weeks
  • What to do in the garden, month by month
  • A recipe every week, using seasonal produce
  • A six part guide to understanding the legal aid system
  • Weekly SEO tips

Talk to the camera

Video blogs – or vlogs – are really easy to make and you don’t need any expensive equipment – your web cam or the video camera on most mobile phones will do the job. Think about a topic you are knowledgeable about, make some notes, turn the camera on and just talk! Don’t worry about making mistakes – once you get going you’ll probably find it quite easy to just speak your thoughts – and you can always edit the film at the end (just Google for “free video editing software”). You could even use a whiteboard to help illustrate your ideas – have a look at the video we made to see how simple yet effective a vlog can be!

If you haven’t yet discovered how effective blogging is as a marketing tool, and would like to know more, call the team on +44(0)8432 894 402 or use our contact form.

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