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Content Marketing & Content Outreach from HodgesNet

When it comes to marketing of ANY kind, the old adage that Content is King is true. But with the growth of digital and online marketing it is proving to be much MORE than King today. Content marketing is here to stay because the social networks want it, websites and blogs want it, video platforms want it and the search engines want it… why do they want it though? Because users DEMAND it today.

Whether it is SEO, email marketing, social media, blogging or any of our other services, content marketing is the foundation of it all.

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Why do we focus on Content Marketing and Content Outreach?

The job of the search engines: to connect the best content with the search terms that user has entered. The job of the social sphere: to connect people together with common interets and passions. The job of the video platforms and blogs of the world: should be to provide the very BEST content to educate, entertain, enlighten or engage the end user. This ideology is the foundation and cornerstone of our content marketing and content outreach strategies.

Having spent years running online marketing campaigns and performing SEO wizardry to get sites where they need to be online, aiming for top notch conversion rates on site and with a strong focus on retention/loyalty marketing, our approach is centered around creating and syndicating the very best content that will not only be compelling for readers and consumers, but also help to really sing the praises of clients to their target audience.

How does our Content Marketing and Content Outreach work?

Over the years we have developed and built strong relationships with website owners and social media connections, together with putting together a comprehensive library of content sharing sites that are worth using. Many sites out there will be of no value to build your site’s authority online and the audience itself will for many of these sites will be non-existant. They exist simply to add your link. Using the right online platforms to publish and syndicate your content is key. Our approach is more manual (or more human) than most, but the results you gain will speak for themselves.

Within our Content Marketing strategies we can help with:

content marketing services

Call us today on 01793 608777 for a quotation on any of the above services and to see how we can help you with your content marketing.

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