Email Marketing Campaigns – Delivering Results

Done for you email marketing campaigns, expertly crafted, delivered & measured.


Why Choose Email Marketing?

If you’re like most small business owners, you probably tend to throw yourself into marketing as and when you have the time.

When there are so many tasks pressing for your attentions it can be difficult to do much more than be responsive in your marketing – for example, sending out the odd email newsletter when you get five minutes spare. However, that is not the most effective way to work; a much better approach is to spend time developing an email marketing strategy to ensure you send the right information to the right people at the right time.

The use of reliable email marketing services can be your best weapon to break fears and also build trust with prospects, existing customers and inactive clients.

Working alongside many ecommerce clients, online marketers and businesses, providing complete done-for-you email marketing services, we have proven to that email marketing Increases traffic to your website, Builds rapport with your subscriber list and Makes buying decisions easier for recipients


Email Marketing Services from HodgesNet

Here at HodgesNet we provide a complete done-for-you email marketing service which covering:

  • The use our Email Marketing System
  • Responsive Email Newsletter or E-Flyer Design
  • Full Copywriting
  • Data purchase options (not sent through our email marketing system)
  • Your House List Data Management
  • Email Delivery and Live, Real-Time Reporting.

The HodgesNet Email Marketing System

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 14.51.29 Using your own house list, we can import active subscribers and customers for your business, into our email marketing system, add templates and provide you with training to send campaigns yourself. You can also set up autoresponder emails to be sent after visitors to your website “opt-in” to receive more information from you and much more. Call 01793 608777 to request a free demo.

Data Driven Email Campaigns

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 14.53.23Working with one of the most accurate data providers in the UK who are Corporate Level members of the DMA, we are able to purchase data for your requested profile and send email campaigns to purchased records. These email campaigns are not sent through our email marketing system and are sent through our data providers servers.

You will be notified via the Instant Lead Notification System of clicks on your emails so that you can follow them up on the telephone. We also integrate our email marketing system by adding subscribe and opt in forms on landing pages that we can create as part of your campaign.

The HodgesNet Email Marketing Suite

Dependant on the number of subscribers, prices start from:
  • Manage your own subscriber list
  • Send your own email campaigns
  • Create unlimited lists, opt-ins and autoresponders
  • Upload your own email designs
  • Request HodgesNet to build you your own responsive templates to use
Call 01793 608777 to get started

Six Month Email Marketing Campaign

to 10,000 B2B opt-in email addresses
  • One email per month sent to 10,000 B2B opt-in email addresses for 6 months
  • All emails designed, written and tested by our team
  • Instant lead notification
  • Full reporting after 5 days
  • Campaigns are sent by our Data Providers servers
Call 01793 608777 to get started

Our Stance on Data

We believe that data management is very important. If buying data driven campaigns, you retain the license to use that data for 12 months. Email campaigns for data purchased bundles are sent through our data providers servers in the UK. 

No purchased data lists can be imported to the HodgesNet email marketing suite that we use to send campaigns on our newsletter service. The HodgesNet email marketing suite will take your “house list” of active subscribers and customers only and proof of subscription and purchase may be required for us to verify your list.

We also believe that your data list exported from social media platforms are not opt-in lists for your to email to. If you list is made up of emails from downloading contacts from platforms such as LinkedIn, we are not able to import these lists into our email marketing system. 

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