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There are many ways you can increase the traffic to your website – optimising your site for the search engines, for example, or link building, or using PPC (pay per click) campaigns. One of the most effective ways though is through article marketing. This is where you write relevant, original articles and then post them on various article portal websites such as or Other people can use your articles on their own websites so long as they include the “author biography” box – which contains a link back to you. The more articles people use, the more links you get – simple. But with thousands of writers out there, how do you make sure it’s your article that’s chosen? Here are some of the secrets of article marketing.

Write a catchy title. The phrase “Curiosity killed the cat” is very true in this case – the more intriguing your title, the more people are likely to want to read it. Make sure you include some relevant keywords in the title too – both to let people know at a glance what it’s about, and to help promote the article in the search engines. It’s worth making sure the title promises some benefit to the reader too. For example, my title here is “Secrets to Article Marketing” – people are intrigued that I’m giving away secrets, I’ve included the keyword “article marketing” and people know there will be some benefit to them as I am giving away information!

Make sure your article is organised well. Don’t just write a few paragraphs of text – think about using bullet points or numbered lists or sub headings to break up the text and make it easy to follow.

Write in plain English. You may know all the technobabble that goes with your industry but your reader is not likely to, and if you use complicated jargon you’ll just put them off reading and perhaps they won’t want to use your article. Be informative, but you can do that by using simple language and expressing concepts clearly, rather than confusing the reader.

Proofread carefully. Once you’ve finished writing the article, read it through and make sure it all makes sense. Also keep an eye out for spelling and grammar errors – spellcheckers aren’t perfect and no one will want to use your article if it’s full of mistakes. Better still, let someone else read it through and give you some honest feedback.

Create several versions. It’s worth changing the article slightly for every site that you submit it to. It’s easier to do than it sounds – you can change the order, tweak the wording or perhaps add some different facts and figures to an article to alter it.

Write a strong summary. Most article sites will want a short summary of the article, just 3-5 sentences, so that people can get the gist of what you’re saying and decide if they want to read the full thing. Make sure you put as much effort into the summary as you do the main article – if it’s poorly crafted you won’t get people wanting to read on.

So to summarise, to benefit from the traffic that article marketing can bring to your website you need to:

  1. Write a catchy title
  2. Organise your article well
  3. Write in plain English
  4. Proofread carefully
  5. Create several versions
  6. Write a strong summary

When done properly article marketing can be a powerful source of web traffic. And the best secret of article writing is that once you have written your articles you can also use them in your blog or email newsletter campaigns. If you would like to find out more about article marketing, or would like to outsource the writing to a professional copywriter, give us a call on 01793 608777.

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