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PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising can be very successful at bringing visitors to your website but it can also be a drain on your marketing budget if you get it wrong. Most PPC schemes, like Google Ads, work by charging you for every click your advert gets. If your advert targets the right people and takes them to the right place there’s a good chance they’ll buy from you. However, if your advert attracts the wrong people or they feel misled when they click through, you’re going to be paying for nothing. Here are 5 tips for better Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

Be specific with your search terms
When you set up a PPC campaign you specify the keywords that people search for to trigger your advert being shown. It’s very easy to get these wrong, especially if you don’t think carefully about exactly what it is you are advertising. For example, if you run an Italian restaurant in London you might want your advert to show up every time someone searches for the word “restaurant” – but that would be crazy, because your advert would show regardless of what kind of restaurant people were looking for. A better search term would be “Italian restaurant” but if people click through and discover you are in London – but they are in Newcastle – they are unlikely to book a table – and you’ll have paid for the privilege of them not booking. Make your search terms really specific – “Italian restaurant London” will only show when people search for that specific term, and narrowing it down even further – eg “Italian restaurant Hammersmith” – will really hit the spot.

Use Phrase Match and Exact Match – not Broad Match
Most PPC schemes allow you to choose between Phrase Match/Exact Match or Broad Match. Many people opt for Broad Match because they think it will give them the best coverage, but actually it will simply increase your costs by showing your advert on irrelevant searches.  Going back to our example, if you choose broad match then not only will your ad be shown for “Italian restaurant London”, it will also show for any searches that include the words “Italian”, “restaurant” or “London” … because Broad Search looks for the individual words in a search term rather than the complete phrases. The first two options will only show your advert when the exact search term is used, so there’s a far better chance that your advert will be relevant.

Have different adverts for different products
If you sell several different products then write an advert for each one rather than one advert for your whole business. Say you sell widgets, but you have a blue widget, a green widget and a red widget and they all do very different things. Running one ad for widgets isn’t going to be hugely successful as you’ll attract people looking for all kinds of widgets, but running separate ads for each of the red, green and blue ones will be much more effective.

Make sure your advert links with a relevant webpage
If someone clicks through from your advert and then can’t find what they were searching for they will leave your website – but you’ve still had to pay for the click through. If your advert is for the blue widget but the link goes to your home page it might not be easy for people to find the widget they want – so make sure you link the advert to the blue widget sales page.

Do some research
When you select the search terms you want to bid for, don’t just go with your first choice. It could be that it is a popular phrase which will be very expensive per click. Or it could be that it’s a phrase that no one ever searches for, so it’ll be a waste of time using it. Most PPC services have keyword tools so you can find similar search terms and see how often they are looked for – Google’s Adwords Keywords tool is a good one.

If you’d like more tips on using PPC or would like to find out about our Pay Per Click Management service just give us a call on 01793 608777 – we are experts at PPC and can show you how to run a successful campaign.


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