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There are all sorts of factors that matter when Google and the other search engines rank your website. For example, the age of your domain, the relevance of your content to the keywords, the number of pages and frequency of updates all make a difference. Another factor is the number of “backlinks” you have. Backlinks are external links that point to your website and, to a search engine, a high number of backlinks is an indication that your site is valuable and useful. After all, why would people want to link to your content if it was no good? One of the ways you can improve your web ranking is to find a way to increase the number of backlinks you have. You could ask all your friends to link to your site – but there are easier ways to build links to your website. Here are five of the best.

Most online forums and communities let you include links, either in your profile or in a signature file –text or images that appear along the bottom of every post you make. If you use forums make sure you include your website URL in your signature, because every time you post on the forum you’ll be adding another backlink. Each link on its own is not hugely valuable, but if you are a regular poster you can very quickly build up a high number of backlinks, which will make a serious difference.

Social media
Posting links on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook is another good way of getting a high number of backlinks quickly. Google recently changed the way it approaches links in social media updates, especially to retweeted links, because it sees them as a vote of authority to the website. Make sure you include links to your blog posts, web pages and special offers in your updates. And retweet other people’s links – because they’re more likely to return the favour.

While your own blog is likely to only include internal links to pages on your website, try guest blogging for a business blog that complements your own. Not only can you include some valuable backlinks in your post, you’ll naturally also increase the traffic to your website through being exposed to new readers. Also if you comment on blogs or articles you can often leave your name and a web link – make sure you do. This is especially powerful when commenting on high ranking news sites like the BBC or the Guardian.

Article directories
Google recently decreased the value of links on article directories but they are still worth using. If you have content that’s informative but not salesy, try submitting it to sites like ezinearticles.com and buzzle.com. As well as benefitting from the links on those sites, if people use your content you’ll also get backlinks from their sites.

Social bookmarking
Many people use sites like StumbleUpon and Digg to save web pages they enjoyed and share them with their friends. Many of these sites don’t actually create backlinks but they are still worth using as they let people see your content – and those people in turn may share your links on social media or blogs.

Linkbuilding is a really effective way of improving your website’s search engine ranking – but it does take time. If you don’t have the time and would like someone to manage your linkbuilding for you, have a look at HodgesNet’s SEO and Linkbuilding Services or give the team a call on 01793 608777

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