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Managed PPC Accounts

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HodgesNet offers traditional managed PPC accounts based on a monthly-fee retainer, dependent upon your spend.  Many businesses prefer this type of account for PPC management – especially service-based businesses. Ecommerce businesses often use our PPC management services to manage their advertising spend also.

On set up we would provide you with the following PPC management services:

  • A clear road-map for your PPC monthly management
  • Your PPC account(s) reviewed and uplifted to industry best practices
  • Landing page optimisation report – advising on changes needed or suggested for better conversion of visitors (It’s not good to send everyone to your homepage!)
  • Creation of new ads, campaigns and adgroups in your account so we can measure our work effectively.
  • Outline of management work for Bing, Google and other PPC advertising management accounts (Multi-network campaigns available)

On a monthly basis we would provide management of your PPC campaigns, including bid optimisation, split testing on adverts and measure according to an agreed ROI matrix and KPI outlined in our initial agreement.

PPC Management Costs:

Subject to a minimum fee of £300/month, clients who spend up to £10,000 per month on advertising spend, our fees are 10% of the total amount spent, across one or more networks.

If your spend is over £10,000 per month, we will agree a fixed price per month for your PPC management.

Set up costs start from £300, depending on the level of work required.

Call 01793 608777 to chat to a member of the team about our PPC management services – or use the form above to request your FREE quotation.

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