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People often regard Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as a dark art and the industry is often clouded in smokes and mirrors, with regards to how to do it and how to get real results. Let’s put the record straight today.

As we come to the end of another year where the industry has been rocked with many algorithm updates that would seem more at home in a zoo, namely Pigeon, Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin and many others, the search engines are on a mission to provide their users with the best quality content rather than allow people to force content up the rankings.

Saying this, there is still a way forward with proper search engine optimisation – it’s not dying, it’s not dead and if you do it right in 2015 you will see great results from your efforts.

Content-Led Search Engine Optimisation is the ideal way to think about SEO today

What I mean by this is forget everything you know about search engine optimisation from the e-book is that you downloaded 5 years ago, from that PLR article site you downloaded that link building strategy from, forget the cheap $5 jobs that you can buy on outsourced websites where people will build you link pyramids, and the way in which a lot of people are still saying that black hat and back door strategies to Google work to get you quick results.

Putting it bluntly, if you don’t follow a content-led SEO strategy, your websites will suffer in 2015.

You can achieve great results in the search engines by applying the right techniques they want you to be using in creating, publishing and distributing content that will be seen as valuable to your audience. Focusing your efforts on the content of your website as well as the content of your website that references your business will give you the greatest return.

Here are my 4 Search Engine Optimisation Strategies for 2015

adwords-planner1 – Start with on great Keyword Research and Competitor Research

Understanding what your audiences are typing into the search engines, what they’re looking for in terms of content and the volume of which those searches happen will give you an indication on what type of content you need to be focussing your attention on creating. Tools such as the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, which can be found inside the Google AdWords toolkit, is the best place to start. This will show you the volume of traffic that is potentially out there and available for you to snatch up – if you create content that is compelling enough to get your website ranked.

Combining this research with that of using a tool such as the Open Site Explorer from Moz.com will then give you an indication on how the top ranking websites for the keywords you are wanting to be found for, are getting ranked themselevs. Mirror their work or better it and you’ll get ranked higher in the search engines – maybe higher than your competitors.

on-off-page-seo2 – Focus on Your On-Page and Off-Page SEO

As said, search engine optimisation is fuelled by content. Fresh, regular and unique content on your website is needed to show the search engines that your site is worth ranking. If you are not providing great content, why would they rank you?

Adding content onto other relevant and niche websites, that in turn would point back to your site is then a sure way fire of making your link building ethical, human and not automated – the secret to linkbuilding in 2015.

Start by researching all the authority properties you can that are relevant to what you do and places that you can can reach out to publish content.

website-seo-review3 – Review Your Current Website.

The search engines are becoming more user savvy. They want to provide their users with not only the best quality content but also websites that display them in the best way. I’m talking about websites that are catering for mobile devices, with responsive or mobile friendly design. I’m talking about websites that contain rich media such as audio and video.

Websites that produce really great content, arranged and formatted in the best possible way using headers, typography and images in the best possible way. Does your website measure up? Not sure, will request your free search engine optimisation review from Hodges net by clicking here.


4 – Measure the Right Results

Whatever type of marketing you do, you need to measure the effectiveness of it in terms of results that you want. Not measuring marketing is simply light just throwing mud at the wall and hoping that something sticks. But when you throw mud at the wall, you can see how much mud actually sticks because it’s in front of you. Without measuring rankings within the search engines or traffic to your website, you don’t know how well a content lead search engine optimisation strategy is working for your business. Saying this, rankings have almost become irrelevant in terms to success factors for our clients.

If you are using and off-page and on-page, content-led SEO strategy, it’s about traffic and conversion. Higher rankings will give you more traffic, but so too will links on reputable, busy, authoritative sites. This 3rd party links are almost acting as recommendations to visitors to those sites and we are seeing a conversion rates much higher in proportion, from 3rd party websites than organic traffic.

Rankings and traffic are just pure vanity. They are numbers, they mean nothing.

The leads and sales conversion on your website is what truly matters when you’re measuring the success of any digital or online marketing. Measuring all four of these things should be key, but ensure that your prime focus is on lead generation and sales volume on your website. With tools such as Google Analytics and integration into e-commerce tracking, you will be able to see where your sales are coming from in terms of lead source (organic search, pay per click, social media etc). 2015 is going to be about you understanding your numbers to be able to really succeed in your digital marketing.


Content-led search engine optimisation will lead the way and will always be completely white hat. This is because your focus is on providing the best content for your end user. This is what the search engines can see, rank and present back to their users, providing them with the best online experience that they can.

The search engines are in the content syndication business. They want to provide the best quality content, the most relevant content and the most authoritative content to their users. Think about how you can make your content the best, the most relevant and the most authoritative in your niche or industry.

Discover more about how HodgesNet could help you with a complete done-for-you content led SEO strategy for 2015 by calling 01793 608777 today. We are able to research, write and publish content, both on and off your website, that will do the job of getting your website maximum exposure in the search engines an outside of it.

Start today by requesting your free SEO website review that we can complete and have back to you within 5 working days, all to help you make an informed decision on how best to move forward with search engine optimisation in the year ahead.


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