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A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the new social media website Pinterest and we explained why it could be really useful for some – but not all – businesses to engage with. In this article we’re going to give you a few tips on how you can start using Pinterest to raise your business profile and drive traffic to your website.

The first thing to do is to set up your profile properly. There’s only so much information the site allows you to add, but you can include some blurb about yourself, a photo and a web link and you can link your Pinterest profile to other social media accounts. Make sure you’ve filled in plenty of information about your business so people visiting your profile know exactly what you have to offer. Also make sure you include the link to your website so people can easily find out more about your business.

One of Pinterest’s rules is that you shouldn’t use it for self-promotion, which could be a problem if you plan on using it solely to showcase your own products and services. While it’s ok to include a couple here and there, think about using it to build up a picture of your target market. What sort of lifestyle do they lead? What makes them tick? What are their dreams and aspirations? This might sound a bit complicated – but once you start thinking about your customers in this way it can lead to you improving your marketing generally, not just on Pinterest. Here’s an example: your business provides alternative therapies like massage and aromatherapy. Who are your customers and what do they enjoy? You might find that your customers lead holistic lifestyles so they are interested in healthy eating, ethical products, exercise and so on. Build up pinboards around those themes and you’ll start to connect with the right kind of people – and with any luck, in time they’ll be interested enough in you to discover your website and buy your services.

Another good technique is to follow those companies that complement your own and re-pin the things they pin. Taking the example above, it could well be that your potential customers are interested in healthy foods, so follow healthy food companies, comment on the things they pin and re-pin some of them to your boards. By sharing the things they like you’ll build a relationship with them and hopefully they’ll share back. You’ll also encourage their followers to follow you, as you obviously have similar roots.

Encourage people to re-pin your pins and engage with them on the site. When people comment on your pinboards make sure you reply, and return the compliment by commenting on their boards too. Like all social media networks, Pinterest is all about making connections – engage with your followers to build relationships.

Make it easy for Pinterest users to share your content by adding a “Pin it” or “follow” button to your website. The more people pin your content, the more people will visit your website to find out more about you.

Finally, a word of warning. Pinterest links all images to the source they are pinned from and while most people appreciate the additional traffic to their website that Pinterest brings, many – especially photographers and artists –  are also concerned about the copyright issues involved. Pinterest itself is contradictory on copyright issues – it’s against the site’s rules to self-promote using your  own content but at the same time it says that users are solely responsible for any content they pin. At the moment it’s a bit of a legal grey area and we’re sure the issue will be resolved soon, but for now if you’re using Pinterest, just make sure you leave the source link intact and beware of using the work of professional photographers.

For more help with using Pinterest for business give one of the HodgesNet team a call on 01793 608777 or use the contact form above to get in touch.

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