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7 tips for using Twitter for business

Twitter is a fantastic tool that can be really effective as part of your internet marketing strategy. However, every day we see people misusing Twitter and when you get it wrong you can end up losing followers and alienating potential customers. Here are some tips to help you get the best out of using Twitter for business. 1. Don’t sell! The worst thing you can do on Twitter is endlessly send out sales messages. While it’s okay to promote your products and services now and then, if you do it constantly you’ll drive people away. Treat Twitter communication as you would a networking meeting or social event. You wouldn’t go to a party and constantly talk about your business, so don’t do the same on Twitter. Chat about stuff that interests you, engage with your followers, and always respond when someone talks to you. 2. Give freely. The best thing you can do on Twitter is to give away valuable information and help people as much as you can. Whenever you write a useful blog post tweet about it to let people know it’s there. Also tweet useful tips and look out for requests for help and advice that you can respond to. It will both raise your profile as an expert in your field and show that you’re a good person! 3. Don’t automate. Although it’s okay to have some of your updates automated (and it keeps a steady flow of material when you’re too busy to tweet) make sure you mix it up with some general chit-chat, replies to followers and spontaneous updates, otherwise your account will...

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