The HodgesNet Team

Here at HodgesNet we have built a team that can provide you with the very best in Internet marketing and online marketing services. Get in touch with the team by clicking here or calling us on 01793 608777.

Ant Hodges – Managing Director

The boss man. Ant had spent the last decade working in the internet marketing world, having grown from graphic design and web design routes. His work experience includes working for international and local charities, UK Government and MoD divisions, online and multi-channel retailers, plus many startup businesses and consultancy firms. The recession in 2009 hit the UK economy hard, and Ant’s business at the time (a branding and marketing agency) had to close, making the entire work staff redundant and going a separate direction to his then business partner. Following this, Ant was employed as a Director for an online marketing agency and in the late summer of 2011, left to set up HodgesNet and deliver the right services to the clients that really wanted to make Internet marketing work for them.

Connect with Ant on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and read his blog.

Jac Hodges – Director and Accounts

The real boss. Jac is the wife of MD Ant Hodges and helps with all the office administration and bookkeeping for HodgesNet Ltd. Jac previously worked for a fleet management company looking after one of their large accounts and left to take on the most important job in the world… being a full time Mum to both of her and Ant’s children, Hannah and Lucy. If invoices need to be paid, letters need to be sent or stationery ordered, Jac is the one to do it.

Richard Oldale – Senior Content Author

As an experienced SEO speciality and professional copywriter, Rich helps to boost the content-led SEO services offered by HodgesNet, with well researched, unique and highly authoritative blogging and article writing. The use of unique authority content is needed to build the rankings of websites and also to be used in all off-page SEO activity and content outreach strategies. Originally from London, Rich now travels the world and works remotely from the HodgesNet offices, mainly from South America.

Keiron Skillett – Programmer and Automation King!

Mr Automation! Have you ever sat at your computer and thought “If only I had an application to do that?” – Enter Keiron. Having worked for one of the largest mobile phone communications companies in the world, Keiron knows all there is to know about getting websites and software doing things in an automated way. Keiron, who runs is own web hosting company, is our preferred go-to web coding guru and looks after website coding and all the ‘back-end’ gobbledy gook that you don’t need to understand, including all web hosting.

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